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Jay and Ingrid Malone formed Blackthorn Insurance Underwriters, LLC in November of 2003 as an independent underwriting company focused on small contractors in the western United States. Home builders and artisan contractors have historically been underserved by the insurance industry and have had limited coverage choices. Blackthorn was created to fill that niche market and give these contractors a better option for General Liability coverage.

The ability and expertise to design underwriting guidelines that are tailored to the West is what separates Blackthorn from the competition. Legal and competitive climates vary by state and no two states can be grouped together for this class of business. Blackthorn has been able to provide insight and local knowledge to substantially modify the programs it offers to meet the needs of contactors in Washington, Oregon and Arizona.

Blackthorn has contracted with Commodore to be their exclusive representative in the northwest for their artisan contractor program. Any excess coverage needs are provided by Topa Insurance Company with limits up to 5 million dollars.

Our intent as a General Managing Agent is to represent only a few companies and not become a generalist surplus line agent. Blackthorn works closely with approved agents to design policies that meet the specific needs of their clients. Blackthorn provides raters, applications and forms on line to streamline the application process. This allows the producer to write new business and to retain the accounts they have worked so hard to obtain.

To date Blackthorn has written over 23 million dollars of premium and covered over 20,000 accounts. Thanks to 300 approved agents, Blackthorn will continue to grow and expand its ability to service this market.

Blackthorn’s goal is to produce the best underwriting result one account at a time while providing superior service, a competitive product and attention to detail for every contactor insured.




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